Through movement exploration, observation , replication and recall students develop kinesthetic and self awareness, understand dance concepts and build fine and large motor skills. They learn basic vocabulary and simple dances to understand the purpose , routine and behavior of a dance class. 
  •  In Kindergarten, through creative movement activities our students will learn to navigate and share space with others , recall and follow a warm-up and simple dances and use props with respect and care.
  • In Grade 1, our students will be introduced to a variety of dance forms including ballet, tap , jazz and hip hop. They will identify and demonstrate movement elements , perform in informal and formal contexts, participate in conversations about dance and understand appropriate performance and audience behaviors .
  • In Grade 2 , our students will build on past knowledge of dance and performance skills. They will work to recall, repeat and refine their performance skills for a showcase in the spring. 
  • Upper grade students have the chance to participate in performances for Multicultural Night and our annual flash mob .