Unit 1:  Geography Matters – My School & School Community. 


Big Idea: Students learn what it means to be a member of a school community.  


Literacy Goal: Students will learn the behaviors, skills and strategies they are going to need in order to become readers over time. 



Essential Reading Question: How do I become a reader and writer?

Essential Social Studies Question: Why do we have class rules?



Unit 2: Change Occurs - Individual Development and Cultural Identity.  


Big Idea: Students learn how people are the same and different. 


Literacy Goal: Students will continue to learn the behaviors to become readers overtime, describe connections between illustrations and text, and identify details from the text.  


Essential Reading Questions: How do the sounds of the alphabet work together?  How can I use the sounds of the alphabet to become a reader? 

Essential Social Studies Question: How does culture, traditions and symbols help define a community?

Unit 3:  Forming Nations - Geography, People, and the Environment   


Big Idea: Students learn what makes a community 


Literacy Goal: Students will develop their ability to retell familiar stories including key details and major events.  



Essential Reading Questions: How can photographs and captions help us understand the topic?

Essential Social Studies Question: What makes a community?



Unit 4: Global Impact - Families, Change, and Time  


Big Idea: Students learn how families are the same and different.  


Literacy Goal: Students will be able to compare and contrast features of literature and informational texts.  


Essential Reading Question: How does my prior knowledge help me be a better reader?

Essential Social Studies Question: Who is in a family?