Unit 1: Geography

October- November

Big Idea: Readers analyze why geography matters and how it influences the relationships of people living within a community.

Topic: Rural, Urban and Suburban Communities

Essential Reading Question: How can we use text features to understand informational texts?

Essential Social Studies Question: How are communities different?

Unit 2: Change Occurs


Big Idea: Readers analyze people and communities to understand the nature of change.

Topic: New York City: Then and Now

Essential Reading Questions: How can we determine important information?

Essential Social Studies Question: How did Dutch settlers influence the development of New York City?

Unit 3: Formation

February – March

 Big Idea: Readers reason to analyze how the driving forces and events contribute to the formation of a nation.

Topic: New York City

Essential Reading Questions: How do we use cause and effect relationships to understand a topic?

Essential Social Studies Question: How did New York City change and form over time?

Unit 4: Global Impact


Big Idea:  Readers understand the interdependent relationships between geography, people and nations that influence our global community.

Topic: Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

 Essential Reading Question:  How can we use comparing and contrasting to understand a topic?

Essential Social Studies Question: Why do we need laws?