STEAM refers to the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. These subjects are not taught in isolation at PS 222. STEAM is the integration of these five subjects using an interdisciplinary  approach in which students can explore, discover, think, and problem solve with each other. 

Learning by doing is engaging and exciting for the students. Successful hands-on experiences, provide all students with the ability to explore technology, engineer and problem solve with confidence. Students need STEAM project-based learning to build 21st century skills.  

                            STEAM Class Goals For All Students 

  • Focus on real-world issues and problems
  • Guided by the engineer design process
  • Immerse students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration
  • Apply knowledge of math and science
  • Involve students in productive teamwork


Tecnology and Robotic Devices that are used in many classrooms.  

IPADS and Laptops are used in our classrooms to explore topics related to grade appropriate curriculum.  

Sphero is a handheld robot that is controlled by an IPAD. 

Ozobot is a small, handheld robot that uses sensors to move.