“Technology is a path for teaching and learning, but it is also a body of practices, skill, and knowledge to be learned. All New York State learners will develop technological literacy to enter college, become productive members of the workforce, and succeed as citizens.” (New York State Board of Regents Statewide Learning Plan).


2nd Grade Overview

  • Over the course of the year students in grade 2 familiarize themselves with the keys on the keyboard.  Using a program called Typing Club, students first use Jungle Junior to identify where each key is on the keyboard and associate the figure they should use to type that key through a variety of strategies.  Once students have a mastery of all the keys on the keyboard, they then move on to typing basics where they begin to integrate the mastery of the keys and using all of their fingers on the keyboard at once.  This builds the students speed (WPM) and accuracy. 
  • Students will learn to code basic programs using programs on code.org . They will begin to learn the vocabulary and basic skills required for coding.  
  • Students will also use a program called Everfi where they will navigate their way through courses about making healthy choices as well as working on a compassion project.

5th Grade Overview

  • Students in 5th grade will complete a rigorous mastery of typing through a variety of typing platforms in https://www.typingclub.com/ . They will be required to use all of their fingers as well as improve on their Words Per Minute (WPM) as well as their accuracy as well as try to typing without looking at the keyboard as much.
  • Grade 5 will use the Everfi platform to learn about Digital Citizenship using a program called Ignition. They will learn about the positives as well as the possible dangers of the internet and ways to keep ourselves safe and secure.

  • Students in Grade 5 will also learn how to Code using two programs: https://code.org/  as well as https://www.codesters.com/?lang=en . They will learn how to sequence a string of blocks in order to make a Sprite (character) to specific tasks.  They will also learn how to Debug (fix) and errors in lines of code.